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  • 27.1.2016 | 10 Years Today!
    Today is the official Tenth Year of Rogue Squad - Hip Hip Hooray!! Ten years of guts n glory, tea bags and epicness.....may this only be the start of it all!

    26.8.2015 | i55 is here!
    On this dark and quiet night, Rogues are in position all over the country, waiting to pounce upon the Ricoh Arena for this years Insomnia 55 festival! Beers will be quaffed, Bacon will be scoffed and fists will be shaken....this year we will be enjoying the Manly Arts as found in Chivalry....as well as the gratuitous use of c4 in Battlefield. Watch this space for updates!

    27.1.2015 | Nine Years Old!
    The 27th of January is upon us, and yes it's our Birthday! Nine years ago Rogue Squad gathered and began walking the path of the righteous T-bag, fearing neither evil, noobs or buttmonkeys! We celebrate this night by server stacking, t bagging and taking names. Will you be amongst us?




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